Hendrik Burkhard


Hendrik Burkhard started singing and playing the guitar at a very early age. Always surrounded by music he grew up in the punk rock scene and very fast discovered the beauty of all kinds of different music genres.

His passion for writing and producing songs was driven by the state of peace and isolation one can escape to while letting yourself go deep into the music. "It’s a beautiful, kind of trancelike, thing when you write with your heart. And when you wake up there is this song that will remind you forever of who and where you’ve been.”

Playing in the german punk rock band “OneFineDay" as a guitarist and background singer for most of his career the northern german singer/ songwriter/producer was able to work and play with a big number of his idols who inspired him to always keep writing and producing. Touring and playing in Europe, USA and Japan, always meeting new people and working in great studios with great people was yet another big source of inspiration.

Nowadays Hendrik is working on several projects like “Mi.li.an&The Rebel Phoenix” with the danish singer Anne Kalstrup and a collaboration with Florian Kruse. Hendrik and Florian recently released tracks on Noir Music, which was the debut release for Hendrik in the electronic music scene, and Jeudi Records and with upcoming releases on Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings and Joris Voorn's Green and a live show in the making, 2016 looks promising for the humble artist.